• Three Onion Seasoning

Three Onion Seasoning

• THREE ONION SEASONING: An onion lover's dream, Three Onion is a perfect way to add intense onion flavor to guacamole, sauces and marinades. It's also great in salad dressings and onion dip.  • DELICIOUS FLAVOR: Sweet and savory Three Onion is great in guacamole, and sour cream & yogurt based dips. Use as a topper or mix into olive oil or sauces to add delicious, all natural onion flavor. With its larger grain size, Three Onion can easily be combined with other ingredients for a spice blend or for a bbq rub, as it won't sink to the bottom of a blend as a powder would. • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: This versatile, chef-crafted blend combines toasted minced onion, crunchy Hudson Valley salt, granulated onion and minced green onion.
  • $ 9.99