• Spicy Citrus Mojo Seasoning

Spicy Citrus Mojo Seasoning

• MOJO CUBAN SPICE BLEND: Get that classic bitter orange herbal flavor with mouthwatering Spicy Citrus Mojo Dry Rub; it's the perfect island infused dry blend for meats, fish and vegetables. Packaged in a convenient shaker jar, it's a must for the pantry. • ISLAND FLAVOR: Packed with spicy, tart flavor, this mojo blend is the island infused taste you've been longing for. Use it as a chicken and seafood seasoning for a delicious zesty, citrusy flavor, or as a dry rub for ribs or pork chops. Simply coat meat with oil and season with the mojo blend before cooking. It also elevates the flavor of grilled and oven roasted vegetables. • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: This chef-crafted blend combines crunchy Hudson Valley salt, sugar, citric acid, chili pepper, paprika, dried garlic, spices, annatto seeds, and not more than 2% citrus oil.