Smoker Wood Chip Gift Set/3

These 100% natural (no fillers) extra fine Wood Chips are designed specifically for cold smoker guns and stovetop smokers. The set include 3 six-ounce cans, 1 each of apple, hickory and mesquite woodchips to add natural smoke flavor and aroma with cold smoke food smokers to foods and bar creations including cheeses and cocktails. Wood chip cooking has become an art among seasoned outdoor chefs to perfectly infuse that unmistakable, deliciously rich flavor into grilled meats and vegetables. No need to pre-soak wood chips before smoking foods; compatible with the Breville-Smoking Gun food smoker, Polyscience The Smoking Gun Pro, Gourmia Portable Infusion Cold Smoker, Camerons Products Indoor - Outdoor Stovetop Smoker and of course the Outset Smoker Gun. Food infused with hickory, apple and cedar wood smoking chips offer a smoky enhanced taste. The result is more flavorful food for the discerning food, cheese and cocktail aficionado. Proudly made in the USA.