Please Pretend You're Having Fun | Funny Cocktail Napkins

Please Pretend You're Having Fun cocktail party napkins. Perfect for those 'epic' gatherings. These 5x5 inch, 3-ply paper napkins are a surefire way to inject humor into any event. They're not just napkins; they're conversation starters, laughter generators, and the best undercover wingmen for any occasion. Safe buy with us! We have a whopping 500+ positive reviews and a 98% sell-through rate, these unique, funny, and clever little squares are flying off shelves faster than you can say "party faux-pas". Fash Shipping means Fast Sales. Stock these popular napkins and watch the register ring. • 20 per pack • 5" Square • 3-ply paper • Made in America • Tabletop or Standing Display Available Bar Napkins, Best Seller, Cocktail Napkins, Party, Funny, Clever, Best Seller, Quality, Fast Selling, Restock,
  • $ 9.99