• Pecan Honey Mustard

Pecan Honey Mustard

The rich flavor of pecans gives a unique flavor to our sweet and tangy honey mustard. The perfect accompaniment for cheeses and glaze meats and vegetables. Makes an incredible baked brie. Use as a sauce for pork tenderloin or roast turkey. Drizzle on squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Also, wonderful as a pretzel dip. Gluten-Free. Fat-Free. Low Carb. Low Sugar. Keto. Simple Ingredients * Intense Flavors. RECIPE IDEAS: Mother’s Day Cheeseboard Pecan Honey Mustard Crusted Chicken Fingers Easy Keto Pretzels with Dip Roasted Turkey and Brie Sandwich Glazed Roasted Carrots, Winter Squash, or Sweet Potatoes Pecan Honey Mustard Pork Cutlets Pecan Honey Mustard Goat Cheese Bake Appetizer Pecan Crusted Salmon Filets Pecan Mustard Glazed Acorn Squash.