Outset Cast Iron Mussel / Seafood Pot

Cooking mussels, clams and seafood dishes has never been easier! Cast a wide net with all the possibilties the Outset cast iron seafood pot with lid has to offer. This multi-functional pot holds 2.5 quarts of your favorite shellfish, boullabaise, seafood stew or chowders. The interior features a small built-in divider for scooping up broth and oversized handles allow for easy transport from cooking to serving. The lid features side handles in addition to a well appointed Acacia wood top handle which is recessed into the lid, providing a flat surface for stability. Cast iron is known for it's long lasting performance and durability and this cookware set is no exception! It comes pre-seasoned, ready to cook your favorite family recipe or cookbook creations.
  • $ 79.99