• Manzano Serrano Hot Sauce

Manzano Serrano Hot Sauce

SUNNY, SMOOTH & CITRUSY We were recently gifted some bushels of manzano peppers and when life hands you manzanos, you make Manzano Serrano hot sauce! This limited edition will be here ALL SUMMER LONG ☀️ For fans of our Blue Point Toasted Lager collaboration - this is your sauce (it's almost the same recipe sans beer). This sunny sauce balances a warm citrus flavor with a hint of heat. We kept the spice level to a minimum because it pairs so well with delicate seafood and we didn't want the heat to build too quickly. You can also add this hot sauce to any grilled or fried fish, ceviche and all kinds of salad. 🥗🍤🥬 HEAT LEVEL = MILD / MEDIUM INGREDIENTS: White vinegar, lemon juice, yellow bell peppers, manzano peppers, serrano peppers, celery, shallots, ginger root, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, salt & spices.
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