• Hot BBQ Honey Roasted Peanuts

Hot BBQ Honey Roasted Peanuts

Listen up... these HOT BBQ PEANUTS are pretty dang hot, but not so much that it hides all the other delicious flavors. Rufus took some of his legendary Blazin' Hot BBQ and whipped up these ‘fancy nuts’. He really outdid himself this time. Way beyond tasty, these are truly unbelievable. All Rufus Teague Genuine BBQ Nuts are made with premium quality nut varieties and unlike anything you’ve had before. They are not only perfectly honey roasted, but then coated in Rufus’ blend of BBQ goodness. Each comes in a stay-fresh pouch that’s resealable, as long as you can force yourself to stop eating long enough to zip it.
  • $ 7.99