• The Islands Cocktail Sauce-Hemingway

The Islands Cocktail Sauce-Hemingway

The Islands Cocktail Sauce is inspired by his love for the sea, lazy days and sometimes raucous nights Hemingway spent in Key West, Florida. To integrate more island flavors into the mix, the sauce is enhanced by the combination of lemon and olive juices and given a bit of a citrusy bite through the addition of hot sauce. Perfect for fresh, shrimp, oysters or any type of seafood including monster-size blue marlin. High quality packaging. Each Hemingway product is connected to a geographical location with longitude and latitude listed along with the Hemingway history, story or book that the product is inspired by. Our goal and mission is to provide consumers with a way to travel his culinary world through the products we create. From Key West to Cuba, France to Spain to Africa, the flavors we have created allow our customers to travel the world via taste, not planes, trains or automobiles. We want you to be inspired by the flavors and cultures that inspired Hemingway.
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