• Rasperry Red Wine Vinegar

Rasperry Red Wine Vinegar

Ingredients: Whole Raspberries, Aged Red Wine Vinegar, Non GMO Cane Sugar, Spices, Xanthan Gum

Raspberry Red Wine Vinegar is a slow infusion of juicy raspberries in aged red wine vinegar.  No need for any additional nuances here, just juicy summer raspberries for a tart bright fruit forward vinegar.  Perfect for all your summer cocktails and salads, this vinegar is just delightful.  Whole juicy raspberries permeate aged red wine vinegar resulting in a burst of the freshest raspberry infused vinegar flavor!   

Mix our Raspberry Red Wine Vinegar with olive oil for a favorite summertime vinaigrette to drizzle over a grilled chicken, toasted walnut and fresh berry salad or a simple spring mix green salad.  A splash over a watermelon, feta and mint salad is just divine and perfect for a hot summers day.  

Our Raspberry Red Wine Vinegar can be used as a cocktail mixer as well!  Add a shot or two of our Raspberry Red Wine Vinegar to a shot of gin or vodka and top with berry seltzer and a fresh sprig of basil, rosemary or thyme.  It's also refreshing just stirred in seltzer over ice on a hot summer's day.