Ceramic Tiki Glasses

Ceramic Tiki Glasses  Perfect for Exotic Cocktails, Iced Tea, Soda, Mai Tai, Long Island - These Tiki Glasses are perfect for exotic cocktails, lemonade, and iced tea. Great for Rum, Mai Tai, Pina Colada, Zombie, and more! - Strong lines and defined angles in the tiki face are designed to catch your eye. Every drink you make will look sharp and luminous in these tall cocktail glasses. - The hefty glass base and ergonomic shape of these glasses make each glass satisfying to hold and drink from. Decorate your cocktails with mini umbrellas and slices of tropical fruits for the full Hawaiian tiki experience. - These large capacity tiki glasses are great for Highballs, and all of your favorite mixed drinks.

***When purchasing online- please email store@spiceituplbi.com or call us at 609-207-9906 to request the color/style.***

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  • $ 11.99